About Us

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves.

Blackstone Music is a small independent boutique music shop based in The Barns at Heskin Hall Shopping Village and owned by local singer/songwriter Chris Bannister. With over 30 years under his belt as a professional musician, singer and songwriter. he can advise the best guitar for you.

Our shop is dedicated to helping you get the best out of your guitar or ukulele. We provide a range of in house services to get your guitar, new or old, setup and fine tuned and we can do repairs if needed.

We supply some of the best brands in the market, including but not limited to Tanglewood, Eko and Takamine. We also offer a selection of hand built acoustic guitars, both new and vintage. We also do a range of accessories to go with your guitar and offer much more. Blackstone Music has one of the biggest selections of ukuleles in the North West, with Kala, Lanikai, Pono and Tanglewood models to suit every style and budget.

Meet The Team

The team at Blackstone Music has years of experience under their belts when it comes to the music industry. We can help you choose the right instrument and accessories to suit your needs.

Chris Bannister
Chris Bannister
The musician behind it all. An evening with Chris Bannister is an evening of rare quality. With 30 years singing/songwriting under his belt and an impressive collection of songs, he has covered much-loved classics and paid tribute to songs by the legendary John Denver. it is easy to see how he has gained an international reputation which has delighted fans for over two decades.
Sarah Bannister
Sarah Bannister
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Why Choose Blackstone Music?

We offer a range of in-house services for our customers and are experts with acoustic and electric guitars, ukuleles and much more. Here is why you should choose us for your next instrument.

Professional Music Tuition

Our tutors can provide expert advice and offer lessons that will help you improve your instrument playing skills.

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Plenty Of Accessories

We stock strings, plectrums, cases, stands and much much more to make your setup truly your own!

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On-site Repairs

Does you guitar or ukulele have a chip or crack? Does it need re-tuning? Drop it off at our shop and let the experts take a look.

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Order Online

Seen a product you liked in our shop? You can order it online and have it delivered to home from the palm of your hands.

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Fantastic Choice Of Guitars

We stock a huge selection of branded and custom built acoustic, bass and electric guitars in a variety of different finishes.

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Quality Sounding Instruments

Quality material and fine craftsmanship help ensure all our instruments sound fantastic when played.

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On-site Setup

We offer on-site setup with all our guitars. Whether it is pre-built or a bespoke build, we can have you playing in minutes.

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Read Our Customer Reviews

Read what some of our customers have had to say about our products.

I love this website. It has a great selection of innovative products. I will be a returning customer for ever! Especially since the shipping is fast! Very impressed with prices and free shipping. Thank you!

Kelley Webb
Kelley WebbSigner

Found this place yesterday. Ordered some instruments and was very pleased with the quick ship time and great communication. This was my very first time to purchase instruments online instead of in a physical store.

Victor Vega
Victor VegaSigner

It’s been a while since I used this last and a lot has changed. I only had to enter some very basic information and was immediately contacted to have my query resolved. Excellent high touch customer experience.

Sarah Jefferson
Sarah JeffersonSigner

We Stock Some Great Brands

We stock a variety of instruments and accessories from a selection of some of the best known brands including Eko, Takamine, Tanglewood and more.

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