Hohner Polyphonia No.8 Triple Chord Harmonica pre 1937 – PRE-OWNED


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This is a very scarce beautiful 1930’s Hohner Polyphonia No.8, which were designed for “orchestral” use or harmonica ensembles. The Polyphonia No.8 three-deck chord harmonica is a blow-only instrument, and has 12 major, 12 minor and 12 dominant 7th chords, each with a separate bass note, for playing “oom-pa” accompaniment, with the “oom” being the bass note, and the “pa” being the chord. It can also be played with the bass and chord notes together, and without the bass notes. The Polyphonias were a series of harmonicas that included 2 different chord harps (the 36-chord Polyphonia #8, and the 6-chord Polyphonia #4 Vineta); 3 different tunings of slideless chromatics, the Polyphonias #5 , #6 and #7. Only the Vineta is made today. The backside of the combs are “marbled,” which dates it between 1932-1937.

Between 1932 and 37, the Hohner logo with the two arms surrounding a circle use to have a 6-pointed star in the center. After 1937 the German government requested that Hohner remove the 6-pointed star from all of it’s product logos This Polyphonia shows the six panels with the star logo (which confirms that it was made before 1937).

It comes complete with its original case and it is in very good condition.