Watkins Westminster Tremolo Amp 1960’s


Fully restored 1960’s Watkins Westminster in blue and cream. Twin channel, 14 watt, all tube combo
Normal and Tremolo channels.

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Serviced and sounding great – these Westminsters are superb recording amps. Refurb’d with point to point wiring by Steve Carter, one of the North-West’s leading valve amp specialists.

Dating from the 1960, often outclassing vastly more expensive – but admittedly better-looking – vintage Fender, Vox and Marshall amps from the same era.

The sound is unmistakably that of a quality handbuilt vintage valve amp – rich, warm, huge tones with great break-up when pushed hard. This little 14w amp has all the right components brought together in one of Charlie Watkins best amp designs.

It sounds fabulous, is a joy to play through and an absolute revelation when recording, sounding bigger and more expensive than it’s diminutive stature suggests. In short, a great amp that’s not so loud that you can’t use it for great tone at home – delivering sweet creamy valve tones at living room levels.

This is one of the rarer 4 input, 2 channel models with controls for Volume, Tone, Tremolo Speed and Tremolo Depth.

In reasonable cosmetic condition for it’s age – scuffs to the case, gold metal grille is clean with a couple of minor dings, the control panel is excellent.